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Satsuma Cafe Continues to Grow into New Lower Garden District Location

The well-established farm-to-table concept restaurant continues to thrive with the addition of a new location. Satsuma Cafe started in the Bywater in 2009 as a small cafe serving farmers market goodies. The casual vibe and extremely fresh & organic ingredients made it stand out from their competitors.

Owners Peter and Cassi Dymond continue their mission to bring “healthier food to the community” with their newest location in the Lower Garden District. The third location can be found at 1320 Magazine Street, located next to the new wine bar Claret. The location features an adorable outdoor courtyard and plenty of indoor space to dine.

Menu items from Satsuma include various coffees, fresh-pressed juices, breakfast sandwiches, and lunch entrees. You can expect everything to made from fresh and local ingredients! Per their menu, they specifically state: “we believe that our customers should not have to guess whether or not there is high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, or additives in the food we serve.”

To view Satsuma Cafe’s menu, head here.

Featured image via Ian Mcnulty/The Advocate. 

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