TEDxLSU Returns to Baton Rouge to Highlight Culture and Innovation

TEDxLSU, the independently organized sister of the famous and often viral TED Talks, returns to Baton Rouge for its fifth year on Saturday, March 11. The TEDxLSU 2017 event will focus on the idea of a ‘Chain Reaction’.

Call it a ripple, butterfly, snowball, or domino effect. We call it a chain reaction. It’s what happens when a person’s single idea — big or small — sparks another, culminating in an avalanche of innovation. What if the first step wasn’t taken or one simple idea wasn’t vocalized? Can you imagine where we would or could be? At TEDxLSU 2017, we’ll explore ideas and actions that have sparked chain reactions in our community, and we ask you: What’s stopping you from creating a chain reaction?

This year’s event will be ‘SHOWCASING CREATIVITY, INTELLECT,  AND INNOVATION’ by covering unique talks from a wide range of flavors and topics such as the unifying power of music, the 3D printing movement, the connection between behavioral decisions and economics, the ground breaking discovery of the first detected gravitational wave predicted years ago by Einstein himself, and the incredible ability that language has to connect people.

Other subjects include incredible work in the world of biochemistry, comedy, anthropology, geography, entrepreneurship, health, and the citizen science movement. No matter what your interests are TEDxLSU has a talk for you. ‘THINKING, LEARNING,  LIVING, and SHARING’ is what it takes to spur dialogue and bring communities together, and this is the core message of TEDxLSU 2017.

This intellectual and creative experience takes place on LSU Campus and begins at 1 pm. Make sure to reserve your seat now as this limited and popular event fills up quickly.



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