The Green New Deal is Coming to New Orleans

Louisiana is shrinking. Climate scientists know it, the Governor knows it, and people of the state know it.

For New Orleanians, the sinking becomes more obvious with every rainstorm, every flooded street, and every submerged car. As the seas rise, our defenses against are lowering. The battle against the elements of climate change is not unique to our city, nor our state (even if we’d love to blame it on the S&WB). America’s Heartland has drowned under catastrophic flooding; the Gold Coast burned black by raging firestorms. The problem is immense, the solution demanding the very best of our national capacity– demanding a Green New Deal.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Green New Deal: an ambitious plan to progressively fight climate change head-on. Likely, you’re also familiar with the often-viral sponsor of the legislative resolution, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. What you may be less familiar with are the specifics of the lofty plan. How does it pertain to everyday life in Louisiana? Where are these solutions coming from? Consequently, the creators of the Green New Deal have your answers to these questions. The founding organization, known as the Sunrise Movement, is taking to the road for a National Tour centered on discussing the Green New Deal with its most important stakeholders: we the people. And New Orleans is a flagship stop.

Gulf South for a Green New Deal

On Tuesday, May 7th, organizers from across the Gulf South will gather at the Mahlia Jackson Center for an evening of “ritual, music, and conversation about the ecological crisis” that our region faces. Coupled with a growing list of co-sponsors, The Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy is anchoring the tour stop. The GCCLP is a long-time fighter for climate justice and will be directing how the Green New Deal policy will look for the Gulf South region.

Accordingly, the night will begin with an indigenous drum procession and welcome, including voices from all communities that are crucial to the discussion. Subsequently, attendees will hear from regional climate workers as well as national Sunrise Movement representatives. Talks will focus on how the details of the Green New Deal can be combined with regional undertakings, weaving local efforts into a national framework of actionable change.

Additionally, advocates from the SunriseNOLA chapter will be present as well. The local segment, which has operated since mid-January, already found a loud voice in the community, speaking at over 350 community meetings in just four months. If you’re looking to get involved, volunteering is a great option. SunriseNOLA holds monthly meetings.

The Sunrise National Tour goes from 6pm until 9pm, May 7th. Tickets are not required, but registration is encouraged. Find more info at Gulf South for a Green New Deal.

photo courtesy of SunriseNOLA
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