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Tulane Students Donate 1,734 Pounds of Food From Students Who Left School Early

We are all living in unprecedented times. As the coronavirus dominates every corner of the news cycle, I find myself looking for more and more feel-good stories. 

This morning I stumbled upon one of those via the R/NewOrleans channel on Reddit. Three Tulane students, working under the group Plant The Peace, donated over 1,734 pounds of food to the local food banks yesterday morning. Plant The Peace collected non-perishables from Tulane/Loyola students who had to move out unexpectedly. 

Plant The Peace is also the group responsible for starting the new glass recycling project in the city of New Orleans. Altogether yesterday, Plant The Peace dished out 1,734 pounds of food to Second Harvest, and 30+ boxes of non-food products to Operation Restoration, a group working to help incarcerated & formerly incarcerated women re-enter society through education.

See the full posts from Plant The Peace below, and if you are looking to help or make a donation, please head to their site here!


We donated 1734 pounds of food to the local food bank this morning!! We collected non-perishables from Tulane/Loyola students moving out unexpectedly from r/NewOrleans


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