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Watch the Trailer for Nicolas Cage’s South Louisiana Inspired Thriller ‘Grand Isle’

Nicolas Cage is no stranger to New Orleans. His fascination with our city and South Louisiana is so real that in 2010 Cage purchased two plots of land in a NOLA cemetery and constructed what will be his final resting place in life. Along with his newly created tombs, Cage loves haunted houses so much that he briefly owned the LaLaurie Mansion in the French Quarter. 

So for Cage to star in a South Lousiaian inspired thriller titled, Grand Isle makes total sense. The movie is set in the loveable and quaint town of Grand Isle Louisiana, which is about 108 miles away from New Orleans.

In Grand Isle, Cage plays “a trigger-happy ex-Marine living on a quiet island in Louisiana with his seductive wife. Forced to hire a cash-strapped handyman to fix a fence destroyed while he was gunning down a home intruder, he finds his life taking a strange turn, and after a night filled with “greed, sex, violence and unspeakable discoveries.” The film stars Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer. 

Watch the trailer below. Grand Isle is set to hit theaters next month, December 6 2019. 

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