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MoPodna is a Local Producer Making Wavy Beats [Listen]

What do you get when you cross a vaporwave aesthetic with some of the most unique voices coming through the New Orleans electro scene? Add a thoughtfully thick beat, and the answer is MoPodna: an up-and-coming electronic music producer based right here in the Crescent City.

MoPodna is the alias of Aaron Boudreaux. Boudreaux is self-described: “a Lafayette, Louisiana-born creative dude.” He approaches the project as a collaborative effort, making beats, then pushing them towards Alt-Pop and Electronic vocalists such a Claire Givens of People Museum. Recently, MoPodna released a music video with Givens, as well as with Danish singer Signe Krog. The song bops in the way of Disclosure. Check out the single, Replacing Me, below:

Kind of haunting, right? It’s the kind of music that hangs around the edges of your thoughts all day. Krog’s lyrics are real. Specific. They give direction to the melancholy air on this separation-building beat. Look ate the line: “since when did you start walking to the park, on a rainy afternoon?” It’s a question that reminds you what being replaced actually looks like. The actions someone takes when they’re leaving you behind. Honest words keep up with a unique rhythm that is also sensitive and true.

MoPodna Music

In addition to these videos, MoPodna music has also released an EP, titled MoPodna Vol. 1. The project is more electronic beats, some jungle sounding stuff, and collaborations with Claire Givens. MoPodna produces all this at his studio, Neutral Sound. Boudreaux is a drummer & contributor for local bands People Museum and Givers. He says the zany, pulling beats of MoPodna are like a personal release.

“I got extremely jaded on being a ‘musician in New Orleans’ and trying to make every musical move I made huge. So I started making music that came naturally to me and made me happy.” Now, he shares that music with local collaborators, and in stellar fashion.

As well as making electronic music, and his part in other bands, MoPodna scores movies and documentaries. With People Museum, Boudreaux and Jeremy Phipps share production credit for an upcoming album. You can find more MoPodna here.  

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