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Audubon Zoo Goes Viral After Drew Brees GOAT Tweet


Before the big game yesterday, Audubon Zoo took to Twitter to announce that they have some very special Who Dat fans.


The tweet refers to Drew Brees as the “GOAT” – complete with a photo of an actual goat “wearing” Drew Brees jersey (#9). For those unaware, GOAT stands for greatest of all time, making this tweet not only insanely cute, but insanely accurate too. And since the tweet was posted a day ago, it accumulated over 800 retweets and 2,500 likes.

On Good Morning New Orleans this morning, they even mentioned the tweet, along with the Saints win against the Pittsburgh Steelers!

The New Orleans Saints are finishing the year next week against the Carolina Panthers. However, the Saints already secured first seed for the playoffs, and is the #1 NFC team in the country. Because of their No. 1 seed cinch, this guarantees them home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, and a bye in the first round.

We can’t wait to see what Audubon Zoo pulls out of their sleeves next! But for now, WHO DAT!

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