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Steve Gleason to Receive Congressional Gold Medal

Hometown hero, Steve Gleason will be the first NFL player and 8th athlete to ever receive a Congressional Gold Medal.

This is the highest honor that Congress can award to a civilian.

We all remember the epic blocked punt against Atlanta he pulled off for the New Orleans Saints. In more recent years, Gleason has been an outstanding advocate for ALS after he revealed he was also battling it in 2011.

Steve Gleason made a statement on receiving the Congressional Gold Media via Twitter. Here’s an excerpt:

“Today, I learned that Congress has confirmed my nomination for the Congressional Gold Medal. Talk about feeling undeserving! The list of past winners is filled with enlightened and powerful giants of humanity. It’s ridiculously overwhelming.”

Steve Gleason

This was a unanimous decision by the House of Representatives to nominate Gleason for this award. All of us here at River Beats are so proud of the former New Orleans Saints and one of our favorite local celebrities.

Thank you Steve Gleason for your service and your “never give up” attitude!


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