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Breaux Mart To Stop Selling King Cakes With Purple Sprinkles Ahead of Game Against Vikings

Well, the Seahawks and the Lions absolutely shit the bed yesterday and blew the Saints chances at getting a first-round bye. The Lions lost on the last play of the game, and so did the Seahawks.  On a Sunday that saw the Saints win by 30+ points, it also featured some dashed hope by two terrible losses. 

Now the Saints are set to face the Vikings, and NOLA is getting ready already. Just this morning, the local grocery store Breaux Mart announced it would “Stop selling king cakes featuring purples Sprinkles on Saturday, January 4, in honor of the Saints playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings.” A truly classic troll move by one of the cities biggest grocer stores. Only time will tell if the other major grocery stores follow Breaux Mart’s lead. You can check out Breaux Mart’s press release from their king cake boycott below. 

Saints fans there are two positive notes from not securing the bye week. First, we sucked it up after our last bye, losing to the then 1-7 Falcons, and second, we now get to beat 4 more teams, rather than three. 

***PS: IT’S A JOKE, Y’ALL.***

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