From Desert Hearts to City Hearts: A Party Like No Other

Imagine this: a spontaneous wine and cheese party on the dance floor amidst a weekend full of nothing but house and techno music. This scene could not exist anywhere but Desert Hearts.

Less than a decade since its initial inception, Desert Hearts has evolved into more than a music festival and dance collective. DH is a way of life. It’ll change your perspective on what a festival can and should be. It’ll shatter any previous limitations on the expansive reach of house and techno music. Every and all definitions and boundaries set on the musical experience will evaporate in this one-of-a-kind world created by the innovative minds of Lee Reynolds, Mikey Lion, and more. Originally an off-the-grid party inspired by the culture of Burner festivals like Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man, the bi-annual festival has become one of the most prominent events available on the outskirts of the now-commercialized EDM festival circuit.

In an industry that is booming, looking to capitalize on the historic hype surrounding EDM festivals, DH offers an authenticity and intimacy than most festivals only advertise to possess. Also DJs and performers, Lion, Reynolds, and crew, strive to expand their brand and grow as an entity without ever comprising the organic aura that makes DH so special. While Electric Daisy Carnival boasts hundreds of thousands of attendees each year in Las Vegas, DH only allows 2000-3500 tickets to be sold per festival–and, no, that’s not because they aren’t capable of selling more. Famous for the “one stage, one vibe” philosophy, the creators of DH never lose sight of that very phrase that inspired this festival in the middle of the Californian desert all those years ago.

With high-caliber artists like Pork Chop, Kevin Anderson, and Deep Jesus only adding to the growing critical acclaim for DH, expansion seemed like a given. And, thankfully, with this group behind it, expansion
didn’t equate to the dissolution of the very spirit of this festival. Instead of increasing the number of tickets available or over-commercializing this event, City Hearts was born–an international tour that brings the intimacy and music of this high-demand festival to you.

Yes, that’s right: City Hearts will be coming to New Orleans  on Thursday, January 26th. Can’t make it to the New Orleans date? Check out the entire schedule here to find a City Hearts closer to you. Come join us for an eye-opening musical experience. And just remember this motto: “House, techno, & love. We are all Desert Hearts.”

Photos: Jamal Eid 


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