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Break In at Dat Dog Goes Awry After Thief Leaves Mickey Mouse Debit Card Behind

This is a story you do not get to see every day. Dat Dog, the popular hot dog restaurant known for its amazing and creative Weiner creations, suffered a break-in at their Freret Street location on Monday night. While most of the time these types of break-ins are not really the cause to write an entire editorial on unless of course their is an interesting twist. 

And guess what? There is a great twist with this one. Dat Dog is claiming one of the would-be robbers dropped their debit card while visiting the magazine location late Monday night, and they have receipts to back it up. The debit card even has its own twist, featuring mickey mouse on the front of the card. Dat Dog not only posted the card, and the security footage on Instagram, but also tagged an Instagram page from New Orleans, bearing the name of the card. 

“Hey @ya_boy_taylor323, you left your debit card when your broke into our store last night.” – Read Dat Dog’s post on Instagram post robbery. 

The photo has since garnered over 2,000 likes on Instagram. You can see the full post, including the screenshots of the security footage below. 


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Hey @ya_boy_taylor323, you left your debit card when your broke into our store last night.

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