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Dixie Beer Acknowledge Frustrations & Applause Following Name Change Announcement

Dixie Beer took to social media late last week to announce they were officially changing their name by retiring the word “Dixie” from their branding. This decision comes as more and more states, cities, and regions are removing any traces to the civil war and slavery. If you are unfamiliar with the background story, the word Dixie typically refers to the “Southern United States, especially those states that composed the Confederate States of America.”

While the brand Dixie Beer has been around for over 100 years, it wasn’t until 2018 that the brand was revived by Saints owner Gayle Benson. The brewery has since re-opened in New Orleans East, and been one of the Saints biggest sponsors.

Since their announcement Dixie has endured both criticism and applause for their efforts. And today Dixie again took to Instagram to acknowledge the ‘outpouring of Emotion Frustrations, & Words of Encouragement’ following their decision to retire the brand name. You can read Dixie’s full statement below regarding the future of their name and brewery. 


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We want to take a moment to acknowledge the tremendous outpouring of emotion, frustrations, and words of encouragement over the decision to retire the name Dixie from our brand. For some, we’ve gone too far, and for others, we have not yet done enough. This transition will not be perfect, but we’re doing what we believe is the right thing for our customers, our employees, and our city. While change is always uncomfortable, retirement allows us to to celebrate the 113 year history while we plan for the future of the brand. Regardless of the name on the side of our building, our investment in the brand and in New Orleans is unyielding. Our top priorities in bringing production back to New Orleans have always been quality and jobs. Not a single thing has changed since that decision was made two years ago, and the announcement of the retirement of the name does not change our civic ambitions. The decision was the result of tireless work from our entire team and listening to our partners, customers, and staff. While it may feel like the end of an era, the process is only just beginning and the evolution will take time. For this reason, you’ll continue to see the brand as is during this time. For now, we standby the fact that our number one priority will continue to be making the very best beers, creating jobs, and working to represent our entire community while we plot the future of our next 100 years.

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