Meet the Dohm Collective

Who is Dohm Collective?  


The founding members of Dohm Collective consist of four DJ/producers, one visual artist, and a manager. The collective also facilitates multiple DJ acts through their resident producers. The current founding members are Stephen “Karasthmatic” Ridgeway (Manager/DJ), Chase “C-Lab” Labure (Producer/DJ), Brendan “Pawn” Pechon (Visual Artist), Matthew “Zupparty” Zuppardo (Producer/DJ), Nick “Lo Meyn” Meyn (Producer/DJ), and Austin “Dino Brawl” Thompson.

Having multiple DJs leaves a lot of creative space for collaborations. With this diverse group of artists other performances have been created. One trio that has been persistent in popularity is Sunsabetches, which consists of Chase Labure and Matthew Zuppardo on the decks and Brendan Pechon supplying visuals. Other acts to come from the land of B2Bs is Dino-Lab (Dino Brawl b2b C-Lab), Teck Support (C-Lab b2b Zupparty), Dinomatic (Karasthmatic b2b Dino Brawl), and plenty more!

Founding of Dohm Collective

Dohm made its first appearance in 2015 at Counterpoint Music Festival. It was originally built to house multiple friends at different camping festivals. Then, the Dohm became more than just a festival home away from home. It acted as a gathering point for all different types of people. “The party within the party has always been what we are best at” says Dohm’s manager, Stephen Ridgeway. Counterpoint 2015 curated a lot of “firsts” for the Dohm and it’s crew. One of the artists playing the fest, Vibe Street, played the very first DJ set in Dohm, using nothing but a Bluetooth speaker placed in a bucket.


The Present


The structure of Dohm still exists as housing for the crew and their friends. Even though Dohm Collective is actively being booked locally and nationally to support parties and festivals. Most recently, the Dohm teamed up with Native Groove to facilitate the Beach Stage at the 5th annual Pass the Good Music Festival. This was the first time Dohm was booked as a stage for scheduled artist not affiliated with Dohm Collective.

In June, Dohm Collective took a big step forward in performances. Providing the sound for the Crew of Chewbacchus at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. The Crew of Chew was requested to be a themed camp that supplied parades for the campground every weekend while the Dohm pumped out the tunes. Dohm Collective was also supported as a themed art camp at this year’s Shambhala Music Festival in Canada.

This Halloween weekend for Hells Gala will be the first time since Pass the Good Fest that Dohm is on a festival map as a fully supported attraction. Dohm will be hosting national acts like Bleep Bloop and Wuki, while up-and-coming Dohm Collective artists provide the support .

The Future


The collective has recently been focusing on adapting their visual experience. The vision for the group is to be booked as an all-inclusive art space inside major festivals. The mission is a fully encompassed art experience including live painting, music, visuals, dancers, flow artists, and whatever else might be encountered all together in one place.

When in Dohm, Do as the Dohmans Do 


We caught up with a few of the members of Dohm Collective and asked them two questions about their passion. Such as what Dohm Collective means to them and what they would like it to mean to others:

“Dohm has taught me so much about working in the entertainment industry. I love that it keeps so many people together everywhere we go. I love people so much and its obvious from the way that our events feel that people really notice how much we care about them. I love dancing with strangers, getting to collaborate with different people on different projects and really waiting to see how much the people that didn’t know we were coming enjoy themselves”

-Stephen Ridgeway

“To me, Dohm has always meant never having to squash originality or compromise the quality of the experience in order to try to fit into a certain mold. We are in a period of time where so much of the industry focuses on trying to be a certain kind/genre of music and decisions are based off of what makes the most money, as opposed to what would be a good experience for the people. This is not what I want for our fans. What I want is to provide the highest quality experience. One that is based on the idea of radical self-expression and this idea is prominent in the shows we are a part of. There are times where we can only do so much with what we have. We make it work so that our fans not only enjoy themselves but leave with memories they’ll carry for a lifetime.”

 -Matthew Zuppardo

“I want Dohm to represent something diverse and different in the electronic community. In my years with music I’ve worked in all sides from strictly art, to strictly entertainment and I feel Dohm does a good job in balancing the line in the middle. Dohm is a party and it’s a lot of fun, but you are typically going to be less familiar with the tracks and be exposed to styles outside of the mainstream.”

 -Austin Thompson


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