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Parish Brewing Company Brings Back Popular IPA Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine Beer

Beer lovers rejoice!

Parish Brewing Company is bringing back the fan favorite, Ghost in the Machine. Starting June 14th, you can grab yourself a six pack of this golden, hoppy goodness or a pint (or three) at your local craft brew pub.

Improving On Old Techniques

Ghost in the Machine is classified as American/Imperial IPA. Typical IPAs, also known as English IPAs, use the original method of extra-hopped brewing. This is still a practiced technique across many breweries today. The American (and Imperial) IPAs kicked it up a notch.

American IPAs are more heavy-handed with hops and malts in the brewing, which gives it a stronger hop flavor. Imperial double down on that by adding double, sometimes triple, the hops and malts. Not only does this result in a deep hoppy and malty beer, but also a higher than average ABV.

The Proof is in The Squeeze

So what exactly sets this IPA apart from the rest of the pack? IPAs are known by their signature bitterness which can tend to be an acquired taste for many. Ghost in the Machine is slightly different from others in that it adds an almost fruity tone and flavor along with the signature bitterness.

Brewed with obscene quantities of hand-selected Citra hops from our favorite farm in Yakima Valley, WA. – Parish Brewing Company

Parish Brewing Company states that the beer “…is super aromatic ranging from dank, orange, apricot, pine, and floral and is very bitter.”

Starting June 14th, make sure you hurry and grab a six pack while you can. Ghost in the Machine rarely stays stocked and tends to fly off the shelves!

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