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Video: Great White Shark Spotted In Orange Beach, Alabama Over The Memorial Day Weekend

Louisiana flocked to Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, Alabama this past weekend for Memorial Day. While Florida made Louisiana residents screen themselves before entering the state, Alabama had no restrictions, and NOLA residents particularly took advantage of this.

With the beaches crowded and people finally escaping quarantine, there was of course a chance for something crazy to happen. And according to the YouTuber Chase Tucker that happened right off the coastline. Tucker was spearfishing in Orange Beach, Al when he spotted a HUGE great white shark. He said it’s a once in a lifetime thing to see a great white. Watch the encounter below, and read Tucker’s version of what happened over the weekend. 

“This weekend I had the pleasure of Spearfishing with Forrest Phillips off his vessel out of Orange Beach. Forrest is the co-owner of Southern Skin Divers Supply out of Birmingham. Southern Skin Divers is the nation’s oldest dive shop, founded in 1953. He also is the current Alabama Spearfishing Associations State Champion for 2019. We got to experience perhaps a once in a lifetime event yesterday on our fourth dive of the day getting to see a Great White Shark.” – Chase Tucker, who captured the shark on camera 

H/T: B97

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