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How Music, Mental Health, and Community Have Built Fete Du Void

It’s nearly October and the city of New Orleans is eerily quiet. As more plugs are pulled on beloved New Orleans festivals, local favorites such as Buku, Voodoo, & Jazz Fest are once again rescheduled. This break from festival life has left residents yearning to break free from the reality of pandemics and deadly hurricane storms. But glowing from the deep, dark, overgrown swamps of Oakdale, Louisiana shines their psychedelic escape…Fete Du Void.

Fete Du Void, a nonprofit organization focused on mental health and well-being, brings together art and music into a harmonious 2-day camping experience led by the eclectic swamp lords themselves, the Iceman Special.

The Cosmic Journey to the Void

Beginning October 1st, Fete Du Void features a kaleidoscopic collective of artists, musicians, vendors, and krewe residents spread throughout the festival’s both indoor and outdoor stages.

“Going to Fete du VOID is like going to a big huge family reunion,” says Brady Horn, Chief Engineer of Riverboat Coffee and Vendor Krewe resident of Fete Du Void. “The music and food are great and soulful, but the one thing that defines the VOID is the people. You will meet and talk with some of the kindest and warm folks on this green earth. You can cut the love in the air with a knife.”

With over 40 performances and acts, the festival is as diverse as the city that inspired it with genre-bending musicians, bands, and DJs that vary from zydeco roots to electronic psychedelic rock. Not sure who to check out first? Let the Void take you along the flow and follow the music.

Art, Creation, and Music in the Void

Sets start Friday at 1 pm and continue throughout the night till 3:30 am, allowing you a full musical experience after setting up camp. Before you get moving and grooving Saturday, start your morning at Le Pavilion for yoga or the Food Court for mimosas then dance your way to the main stage for your first dose of the Iceman Special.

There’s really no end of things to do in the Void. The festival boasts a colorful vendor market, meditative experiences, and even art classes.

Brandy Hirsch, vendor & artist of ArtbyBrandyHirsch, describes her experience as a vendor as an incredible experience and credits it to her decision to pop up for her second time at the Void. “The best part of being a vendor at fete du void was the amazing help from the staff. When I needed anything, a member of the crew would be there offering to help. The beautiful amounts of love, art, amazing live music, and new friendships gained, made the festival special in my heart.”

In conclusion, we said it’s the escape we are all looking for, but it’s the people who will make you feel the most found. Fête Du Void takes place on October 1st – 2nd in Oakdale, LA. Tickets and schedules are posted up on their website for its residents to begin planning their cosmic trip through the void.

Who are you most excited to experience this Friday & Saturday? Let River Beats know in the comments and have a wonderful voyage through Void.

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