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The Quadroholics Release Their Sophomore Album ‘Europa’

the quadroholics

The Quadroholics have always sounded a bit more NYC and a little less Louisiana. On their newest LP Europa, the New Orleans-based group blends new-wave electro with punky hip-hop. It’s a refreshingly different sound from the land of quintessential brass and jazz. But perhaps most notably, the album shows a significant growth in The Quadroholics’ voice and vision as artists.

Quadroholics Europa

Led by the singles “Overdue” and “When The Music Stops,” Europa is an ode to underground angst and vintage dance parties. With a modern, burgeoning youth culture that’s obsessed with Kate Bush and low-res synth pop, The Quadroholics feel both of the times and innately classic. Clocking in at just over an hour, some are praising Europa as, “not just no skips, it’s art.”

Europa comes after a busy few years for The Quadroholics. The group dropped nine releases in 2019, then fit the bill of the Iceman Special’s local music fest Fête Du Void. In 2020, they released two albums, Aurora and We’ll Be Right Back. For 2022, they’re planning to return to Fête Du Void in October.

Consisting of Billy Kurth and Hayden Stelly, this duo has known each other since birth but only started working together musically in high school. There’s definitely a comfortability in their music that mimics a life-long friendship. Their music is no-frills; their vocals are heavy. It’s authentic, raw, and infectious.

To celebrate the release of Europa, the band is performing tonight (August 12) at The Rabbit Hole for an album release party. 

Stream Europa by The Quadroholics

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