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Listen to the Spooky New Single from NOLA’s Quadraholics [Premiere]

the quadraholics

Need some local electro hip-hop to help get you in the holiday spirit? The Quadraholics have got you covered. 

The Lake Charles-based group debuted their latest single, “Freaks and Ghouls” today. While their online presence may be sparse and vague (their entire Spotify bio simply reads: “Long Days, Late Nights, Bad Vibes, Good Times, 2019”), the group has been hard at work. This single is their ninth release of the year. 

With “Freaks and Ghouls,” the group hints at what their next project will sound like. They blend different genres in an experimental sound across their tracks. 

“Lyrically this song about the struggle to find a group you fit in with, and embracing the negative perceptions that people have of you.”

– The Quadraholics

They’re also fresh off a recent performance at the Iceman Special’s weekend festival Fete du Void. It’s obvious the group has a fiery drive behind them, and the musical skills to match.  

While they don’t have any future performance dates on the books yet, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out.

Stream “Freaks and Ghouls” from The Quadraholics below.


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