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Artist Feature: Explore The Inspiration & Style of Jennifer Laiche aka Foine Art

Written & Published by Jennifer Laiche

“I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?”– Beck  

A friend once asked me, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a serial killer that solely targeted  artists?” They went on to explain the logic behind the killer’s motive, noting that artists gain fame and notoriety in death. One could sympathize with the murderer for bringing an underdog’s work to light. There are many artists that are starving themselves in order to create,  wouldn’t they appreciate the limelight? I thought the question and reasoning to be funny and crass. We are still in the midst of a pandemic, nonetheless, creatives march onward.  

I am one of those creatives, driven to paint and sculpt by the fires within the depths of my being. I don’t know that I have doubted myself as an artist. Everyone faces challenges, and I  feel that the obstacles that I have encountered only propel me deeper into my art practice. I  have been creating art for 20 years and have bought art supplies in lieu of food in the past.  Around that time, in 2014, I began using the moniker Foine Art. I chose to utilize the play on words in my branding, believing that doing so would be seen as a revolt against academia and the notions of what qualifies as fine art.  

Queen Tajh of the Golden Eagles – 2018 (Mixed media- oils, acrylic, spray paint, photography, and digital collage on canvas)

I am a product of my environment and my parents have always encouraged my creativity.  Opening art history books on Christmas when I was a kid, really sparked my imagination. I have been most influenced by celebrated artists that specialize in color theory, cubism, abstract expressionism, art nouveau, dadaism, and surrealism. I am most inspired by Robert  Rauschenberg, an American painter. Foine Art’s style can ultimately be attributed to Whistler,  Rauschenberg, Kandinsky, Rothko, and Klimt. Music also impacts my work greatly, I love listening to music while making art. I listen to a lot of Animal Collective, Glass Animals, Kid  Cudi, Mac Miller, and local music. The rhythm and beats guide my hands.  

Currently, I have a solo exhibit on display through March 1, 2022, at Zeitgeist Theater in Arabi. I  will be live painting for Earthbound Crew’s Botanical Beats at Cafe Instanbul on January 29,  2022. I am also working on some ceramics right now. I am creating abstract faces and fried eggs with my door locked, lest a kind-hearted serial killer disturbs me.

“Flagboy Ronald” – 2021 – 24″ x 36″ (Mixed media- oils, acrylic, spray paint, photography, and digital collage on canvas)

Photos by Whitney Tucker

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