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Popular Uptown Restaurant Fined $55,000 for Violating Child Labor Laws

Uh-oh! According to WWL Radio, Jacques-Imo’s is in some hot water for violating child labor laws of the Fair Labor Standards Act. One of the major fines sustained revolved around a 13 year old that they hired. While at work in the restaurant, the 13 year old tripped while carrying a vat of hot oil and sustained major third degree burns. 

Minors are NOT supposed to be cleaning fryers when temperatures exceed a certain degree, per the FLSA. 

In addition, the investigation also found that between one other minor, the two worked way beyond the hours permitted. Minors are not allowed to work past 7:00pm on weekdays during the school year. According to the investigation, these minors worked past midnight on many occasions. 

Due to their negligence, Jacques-Imo’s Cafe paid out more than $55,000 in fines. This is totally unacceptable to take advantage of children. 

The restaurant has made no post on social media since earlier this month on September 1. 

Featured image by Rebecca Todd.

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