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Watch Alvin Kamara Star In Comical New Madden 20 Commercial

It’s been a really up and down week for Saints fans. First, we were overjoyed to hear Sean Payton and the Saints have agreed to a long term contract extension. Payton has signed on for 5 more years, noting that once Drew is gone, Sean will still be at the helm.

But on the sad note, several other developments have taken place since that announcement. We have officially lost Drew Brees for at least six weeks to a thumb injury, we got our buts kicked by those awful Rams, and last but surely not least, the referees totally screwed us once again. 

While it all seems gloomy right now, we can still celebrate some of the cooler moments of the season. During our most recent game, Madden 20 unveiled one of their latest commercials starring our favorite Saints running back, Alvin Kamara. 

The commercial begins with Alvin watching a user play Madden 20 as that same user reluctantly has to trade him away to another team. Without saying a word, Alvin quietly hugs his new user and steps away while looking back in sadness. The commercial is quite comical and shows how much of a superstar Alvin really is. 

Watch The Madden 20 Commercial below 

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