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After A Huge Saturday Night, LSU Does Something No Other Team Has Done In SEC History

What a thrashing it was last night in Baton Rouge. The Score was a lot worse than it seemed, with the Tigers leading 56-6 midway through the 3rd quarter. The final score of 56-20 ended up being somewhat respectable for Arkansas, who came into the game as a 42 point underdog. 

But while we know the Tigers are having one of those memorable seasons for the ages, the numbers never lie, and last night LSU picked up some amazing records. 

LSU becomes the first team in SEC history to have a 4,000-yard passer, two 1,000 yard receivers, and one 1,000 yard rusher. If you are not the best at math, I will help you out on this one. That is 6,000 yards of total offense split between 4 players. An absolutely ridiculous number from an absolutely magical year. 

What is even better about all these records is that the Tigers are 11-0 and champions of the SEC West for the first time since 2011. It sure does feel like 2007, the last time LSU took home the national championship. 

LSU hosts Texas A&M next week before an epic showdown with Georgia in the SEC championship game in Atlanta. 


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