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Catch Main Squeeze & Moon Hooch at One Eyed Jacks this Weekend

Main Squeeze

Jammin party band the Main Squeeze is coming to town with Moon Hooch. Get tickets for their performance at One Eyed Jacks here.

Full journalistic Disclosure, The Main Squeeze is from my hometown, and i spent plenty of my college nights packed in to the bluebird nightclub to watch them play. Now that I’ve made it out of the Mid-West, I’ve watched them grow and bring their set to New Orleans multiple times. 

Despite my obvious biases, I’ll still argue this is an awesome show that you shouldn’t miss. The jam / funk / party band blends funk, r&b, and modern rock in to a lively and powerfully soulful act.

The now LA-based group has three albums under their belt. And they’ve taken their live set to some of the biggest stages in the country, including Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee.


They play a variety of original hits like “Dr. Funk” and “Fancy Clothes,” in addition to modernized and soulful covers. Pink Floyd, Childish Gambino, Led Zeppelin – there’s no limit to the artists that can get a Main Squeeze makeover. 

Supporting the Squeeze is explosive horn and percussion trio Moon Hooch. Their jazzy funk blend has taken them on tour with the liked of Beats Antique, Lotus and Galactic. From NYC subway stations and highways of France to stages across the world, these guys’ high-energy performance will fit perfectly in to a Saturday night in New Orleans. 


Get tickets for Main Squeeze at the House of Blue here.


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Featured Image via The Main Squeeze

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