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Join in on New Orleans’ Funkiest Fitness Program: Move Ya Brass

Grab your trombone and tube socks and join the city’s funkiest fitness program this summer with Move Ya Brass! In true New Orleans fashion, workouts are set to the funky brass beats that make our city famous.  Make Your Move Foundation and City Park is teaming up this summer to bring you a new way to workout with Move Ya Brass.

Move It To the Music

Founder and creator of Make Your Move Foundation and Move Ya Brass, Robin Barnes, aims to combine her love and passion for music with fitness. After overcoming a life-altering illness, Robin was inspired to get up and move to promote a healthy lifestyle.  With her jazz singing background, she is no stranger to the power of music. It is only natural to combine the booty-shaking brass with fitness to create a love note to our city’s culture.

Building a Lifestyle to Last a Lifetime

Move Ya Brass is much more than just a fun way to get exercise. Barnes saw the potential to turn music and fitness into a complete lifestyle. What started as a small movement turned into a family 500 strong and growing!

“You come as a stranger, but you leave as a family” – Robin Barnes, Founder of Move Ya Brass

Move Ya Brass offers tons of great classes for people of all walks of life:

Bounce Ya Brass (Through June 29)

Tuesdays: 5:45pm @ Mandeville Wharf in Crescent Park
Wednesdays: 5:30pm @ Duncan Plaza downtown
Saturdays: 9:00am @ City Putt near City Park

Bounce music is almost as recognizable as jazz when it comes to the sounds of our city. Bounce your way through instructor-led aerobics classes in this all-ages group. Best part is, you don’t need to know how to dance to enjoy this class!

Stretch Ya Brass (Through May 29)

Wednesdays: 6pm @ City Putt near City Park
Thursdays: 6:15am @ Piety Wharf in Crescent Park

East meets West in these free yoga classes offered twice a week. A good stretch is a perfect bookend to your day!

Twerk Ya Brass (Through June 29)

Thursdays: 5:45pm @ Mandeville Wharf in Crescent Park

Twerk off those cheeseburgers and learn some dance moves at the same time in this beginner-friendly class! No experience is required, only a healthy willingness to shake your booty and get in shape!

Shakeout Runs (Through October 28)

Mondays: 6pm @ NOMA in City Park (Southshore) or 6:15pm @ Mandeville Trailhead (Northshore)

Start your week off with a 2-3 mile run, walk, jog, or saunter through the beautiful New Orleans City Park or the lively Tammany Trace!

If you’re on the fence about wanting to get back in shape but don’t want to commit to a gym, this is the perfect, no pressure, way to get results! So pop on some Dr. John, put on your headband, and join in the fun this summer!

Check out any of these amazing classes and keep an eye on the event calendar for more classes to come.


Featured image courtesy of Facebook.

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