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Meet MR EATWELL, NOLA’s Food and Beverage Inspired Loungewear

Mr Eatwell has collaborations ranging from Crystal Hot Sauce to the legendary Cafe du Monde.

MR EATWELL is a local, online retail store founded two years ago by resident Matt Rebackoff. He takes inspiration from local cuisine, and the merch doesn’t stop at clothing. King Cake iPhone case? Certainly. Mardi Gras slides? Two, please.

Mr. Eatwell Mardi Gras Slides
MR EATWELL Mardi Gras Slides.

Not All Who Lounge Are Lazy

While these digs are touted as loungewear, they vibe more street-style than couch surfing. Although suits are unisex, this year Rebackoff announced MISS EATWELL—everything your wine-stained, parmesan-crusted dreams are made of.

“I started learning how to cook last year….So, I took some photos of the food I cooked,” says Rebackoff. “A guy I know had a clothes printer, so we started putting these photos on really comfortable hoodies purely because I wanted to wear them.”

Mr. Eatwell Parm Hoodie
MR EATWELL Parm Hoodie, when you need cheese with your wine.

Good goods… for good

Rebackoff’s brand embodies all things, New Orleans, from beignets to backing the local community. Every month, they give 10 percent of proceeds to a different charity. On the Crystal Hot Sauce collaboration, the company donated to the Greater New Orleans Foundation Service and Hospitality Family Assistance Program.

MR EATWELL also gives back to loyal customers. Check out Fredcoins, the reward points that are named after Rebackoff’s dog, Fred. Fredcoins reward customers for every dollar they spend and points can be earned just by signing up and on birthdays.

Live From New York…It’s MR EATWELL

Things are looking bright for this New Orleans-based loungewear company. A local favorite of the brand has a cameo in a recent Saturday Night Live episode. Punkie Johnson, a NOLA native, is seen wearing the MR EATWELL Sweetsuit on stage during the ending credits. How’s that for some local love?

The Slicesuit and the Leopard Logo Suit just dropped this past weekend for Black Friday – available through today, Cyber Monday.


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