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New Orleans Airport Launches ‘Guest Pass’ Starting This Wednesday

Live in the city, but want to spend a day at the airport watching the planes take off while enjoying local NOLA cuisine? Then you’re in luck! Compared to the old Louis Armstrong International Airport, the new MSY provides a much needed upgrade for the way people arrive to the city by plane. And with the upgrade comes something new, a guest pass that allows you to experience the new terminal without having to actually have a boarding pass to fly out. The program, called the MSY Guest Pass, will begin on Wednesday, December 4. 

The pass will allow access from 11am-8pm with a limit of 50 per weekday and 100 per weekend. You are only allowed to use the program once per month. You must also apply at least 24 hours in advance through the airport’s website here: Once you arrive to the airport, they will check you in at a service station and confirm your identification. You will still need to go through the TSA checkpoint as if you were flying out. 

Kevin Dolliole, MSY’s Aviation Director, explained that the program is meant to give the public a different way to utilize the new terminal. With over two dozen restaurants, bars, desserts and more, there’s lots of local flavor waiting to be explored. 

“The terminal development is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the state’s history, and there’s an awful lot of interest in it from the community. We have a strong desire to open it open to the community, to invite them in to see, feel, touch it.”

– Kevin Dolliole, MSY Aviation Director

Featured image via Chris Graythen/Getty Images. 

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