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Why In The World Do The Bears Have A Commercial Featuring ‘Stand Up And Get Crunk’ [Opinion]

If you had the chance to watch the Saints game Sunday, you saw just how good this Saints team is, and how BAD the Chicago Bears offense is. Seriously, their QB Mitchell Trubisky looked pretty shell-shocked out there. 

The feeling of beating down the Bears on their Home turf in the cold weather is an amazing feeling as a Saints fan. But, there was one thing that stuck out in my mind Sunday while watching several NFL games. 

It wasn’t anything on the field but rather, it was the NFL sporting a brand new commercial featuring Chicago Bears fans enjoying costume play as actual Bears. The main issue? The commercial was set to the Ying Yang Twins‘ single “Stand Up And Get Crunk.”

If you are unfamiliar with this song, it has been THE official anthem of the New Orleans Saints for about ten years. It began during the Superbowl run of 2009 and remains for over a decade. 

The song continues to stay relevant and popular in New Orleans and the Gulf South – way longer than it should have – and the Ying Yang Twins have the Saints to thank for that. If you’ve been to a Saints game over the past ten years, you know what happens when this song is played over the PA: pure joy and happiness, coupled with dancing and celebrating. 

We have created signs, memes, remix albums, parades, events, live shows, merchandise, and tons of other memorable products based on this song. With that being said, you can understand my frustration when I heard the song played in a commercial featuring the Bears.

It’s not ok for the NFL to use the rise and popularity of this song to create content for their brand. Do we really think “Stand Up And Get Crunk” would be even relevant if it were not for our fan base? Please

I get it: it’s just a song. Plus, the Ying Yang Twins aren’t even from NOLA, but for the sake of appeasing my pettiness, please keep off our cultural trends. Leave “Choppa Style” alone, leave “Stand Up and Get Crunk alone.” And, just for the sake of old-timers, leave “Who Let The Dogs Out” alone.

Just because New Orleans knows how to party and celebrate, doesn’t mean you get to steal our energy. 

In case you wanted to join in on this hate fest, there is a whole Reddit thread dedicated to this madness. You can also re-watch the awful commercial from the NFL below. 

There is a new Visa commercial featuring OUR SONG (stand up & get crunk), as 2 bears fans (in costumes and everything) buy shit at their game and then return to their seats. WE NEED TO SPEAK TO THE YING YANG TWINS ABOUT THIS BETRAYAL, pronto. WTF. from r/Saints

Can’t play/access the video below?! WATCH HERE. 

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