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NOPD Gets LGBTQ Rainbow Badges for Pride Month

Throughout the month of June, NOPD officers can choose to support the LGBTQ community with special rainbow badges. This is an initiative from NOPD to create solidarity in the community and show support through law enforcement.

Officers had the opportunity to purchase these badges at $32.50 each to show their support for the LGBTQ community. Around 200 officers committed to the cause and purchased badges. 

โ€œThese special badges represent the NOPDโ€™s commitment to diversity and to working with everyone in our community โ€“ including our LGBTQ+ members and allies โ€“ to make New Orleans the greatest city in the world.โ€

Even Mayor Cantrell got her own NOPD rainbow badge in support of Pride Month. New Orleans celebrated all month long with several Pride events throughout the city, with the Pride Parade as its flagship event.

Badges are available for EMS first responders as well. 


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