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Dirtycoast Announces NorthShore Pop-Up, Creates Several Hilarious ‘Northsore’ Tag-Lines

There are a few t-shirt companies dominating the New Orleans market. None are really on the level Dirtycoast is on. The brand is known for taking breaking or trending topics from New Orleans life & culture and creating over the top designs. There recent Zion Williamson shirts, which played on his “Let’s Dance” slogan is a great example of this. 

Dirtycoast took to Instagram today to announce a brand new pop up for Northshore residents and even asked for some help picking out a new “tag-line” for the design. The best part about this whole thing? The tag-lines themselves are both as accurate as can be, and tremendously funny.

For example “The Commuters Paradise,” “We have parades too,” and “Come visit your relatives” are just a few of the tag lines available. If you are from New Orleans most of these make total sense and are pretty on point. Dirtycoast hit the nail on the head with this one. Take a look at the tag-lines below, and help them decided what should go on the shirt. 


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