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Your New Orleans Dance Music Roundup: Local Releases, Upcoming Shows & More

July 7, 2019 | For your third edition of OUR NEW ORLEANS DANCE MUSIC ROUNDUP, we’re bringing you some new tunes from your favorite locals. This week, we have new releases and mixes from: bàwldy & TVBOO, Klutch, BOARCROK & Trigem, Cobàs, sfam, and Kidd Love.

This biweekly roundup series lists recent releases by local electronic artists, upcoming shows, recaps of recent shows, and any other news we happen to come across. We want to be as inclusive as possible, so if we missed anything, please comment down below! Let’s get into it…

Your Current New Orleans Releases

The bald boy, bàwldy, and the daddy-lovin’ ‘Merican boy, TVBOO, released their highly anticipated track “slackin’.”

Klutch bared his teeth and reminded us all that he is beyond capable of churning out “Bucking Fanger”s.

Lafayette native BOARCROK and Lake Charles native Trigem released “Chungus,” a dark and seductive wobbly track.

Cobàs, a relatively newer New Orleans producer, released an experimentally psychedelic EP, Etheric Blueprint.

The New Orleans princes of dark, experimental bass made their Beat Lab Radio debut with a 36-minute mix nearly entirely consisting of unreleased sfam and collaborators.

Turntablist Kidd Love released a remix of “Window Shopper” by 50 Cent.

As always it wouldn’t be a proper dance music roundup without chatting about some of the news happening in and around our scene. Check out some of the latest events, news, and social media coverage below!

Upcoming Shows

Republic NOLA

Joy Theater

The Metropolitan

Orpheum Theater

The Fillmore

Techno Club

  • We Love Techno feat. Lily Rivers (Ibiza) on July 13
  • We Love Techno feat. Fiat Luxx on July 20
  • Spektrum feat. Glassy Eye (Birthday Set) on July 26

Recent New Orleans Shenanigans

Ghostemane decimated Republic NOLA with his deadly presence

Jansten did roughly the same thing, just a slightly different methodology…

Jantsen Levels New Orleans With Mystic Grizzly & Phulti [Review]

In spite of his permanence in dubstep long before our current producer-idolatry heyday, we’re finally arriving at Jantsen Robertson commanding the full attention he deserves. Some of the most searing Bassnectar tracks (” Blast Off,” ” Red Step,” ” What”) carry Jantsen’s maximalist stamp.


Lastly, don’t forget that Voodoo is a few short months away! You won’t want to miss out when Bassnectar, Guns N’ Roses, and Post Malone take over the Crescent City. Tickets are available now.

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