#PBTM: Christina Boemio, Co-Founder of Nap Girls Int’l and Artist Manager at SLVYVLL

For Christina Boemio, Artist Manager at SLVYVLL and Co-Founder of Nap Girls Int’l, the key to success is in the people. Developing relationships and genuine networking have helped Christina take her career to the next level. Moving to LA on a whim and landing a job with Buygore Records, then connecting with fellow co-founders of Nap Girls Int’l, and finally settling into her current position in artist management; Christina has shown that abandoning a ceiling in your career and taking risks can take you farther than you’ve ever dreamed.

Christina’s story is an inspirational one, and we are proud to feature her in our People Behind the Movement series, in which we showcase those who work behind the scenes and dedicate their careers to making it happen.


Full Name: Christina Boemio

Position/ Company:
Artist Management – SLVYVLL
Day-to-Day Manager: Getter, Pouya, TastyTreat, Axel Boy

Co-Founder – Nap Girl Int’l

What was your first step into the industry?

My very first step was as a promoter with my close friends, family if you will, in New Orleans called EDMutual as well as Artist Hospitality for another promotions company in NOLA called 3rd Coast Music. Knew pretty quickly working and communicating directly with artists was a strength of mine and that this was want I wanted to do. Fast forward to picking up and moving to Los Angeles on a whim, Liz Gerard + Abi Getto being the first girls I met which eventually led to the creation of Nap Girls Int’l and Andrew Sierra who gave me my first opportunity in blog writing. It was with those reviews/articles I wrote that eventually help get my position as Publicist over at Borgore’s imprint Buygore Records.

What was your first moment that you knew you wanted to be involved in the arts/music/culture scene?

When I first graduated college – I immediately took a position with a tech recruiting company. It was good pay, I was constantly surrounded

by uplifting and bubbly personalities, and it was safe – but only took a few short months for me to quickly realize the corporate life wasn’t for me – too monotonous. I was finding any excuse to go out of town on the weekends; shows and festivals slowly became my escape. I was finding myself calling my friends back in New Orleans almost weekly expressing my discontent back in Houston – constantly asking if any positions were opening. One day I just pulled the trigger and said ‘Fuck it. I want to work in music. I’m just going to go to New Orleans and see what happens, worst comes to work I can always go back home’. And that’s what I did – haven’t looked back since.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest personal accomplishment has been picking up and moving to Los Angeles and successfully landing my dream job over at Buygore Records – it’s opened the door to so many opportunities – such as SLVYVLL. I moved out here knowing no one, didn’t have a plan, just knew I wanted to get into music (as you can tell I had a knack of just picking up and relocating). I was literally working on the Venice Boardwalk, going out almost nightly trying to network and meet as many people as possible and I couldn’t be more grateful for those connections for they’ve led me to where I am today.

Proudest moment?

I have 2 “Holy Shit Proud” moments – 1. watching Getter play at Ultra Music Festival with the team in Miami. I just started transitioning over to management and his team earlier that month and it was so surreal being on stage with everyone – hearing the crowd chant his name – I was like damn, this is it. 2nd – one morning I woke up from a text from Pouya saying “Just wanted to let you know you’re killing it and thank you for everything you’re doing” – things like that really solidify I made the right life decision moving out here and keeps me wanting to do better everyday.

Who are you listening to right now?

That’s a difficult question – my mood changes between genres daily. Been on a huge jazz kick lately and been kicking it a lot with Chet Baker. As for more recent music – ARIZONA is my new favorite band; almost like a crossover between Passion Pit and Imagine Dragons – I am obsessed. Whipped Cream is probably my new favorite producer – she’s been crushing it. Also, have had Major Lazer Pandora station and Griz’s Good Will Prevail album on repeat. Guilty pleasure though – 100% is The Chainsmokers. Told you I’m kind of everywhere!

What is your life motto?

Every person you don’t speak to is a missed opportunity. Learned this while I was a bartending and it’s so true – you truly never know who you’re speaking with or who they know. The next stranger you meet may completely change the path of your life. Playing off of that – I’m from the South and manners and hospitality is a huge thing for me. Respect everyone you interact with, be considerate, leave the judgement at home, say please and thank you – it’ll get you farther than you know. Don’t be an asshole – too many hubris egos around here – let your respect speak for you.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself managing internationally respected touring artists. Currently working as day-to-day manager for such amazing acts – learning from the very best (the biggest s/o Steven Pahel) – I really see myself growing with SLVYVLL. Would like to get on the road within the next few years to learn the ins-and-outs of tour management as well before picking up my own clients. I believe that’s how you become successful, and allows you to really one-up your competition – especially in this industry. Be willing and wanting to learn every aspect possible of your art and profession by hands-on-experience; if something were to go wrong, you have the ability to correct the problem and handle it yourself.

Where would you like to travel to?

I really want to hit Southeast Asia or Australia; been living vicariously through so many friends that have been to both recently and can’t wait to experience it myself. I did just recently buy a festival ticket for Outlook in Croatia this upcoming September – that’s going to be my first European fest so I’m really excited to experience it. Taking a charter bus that the festival’s providing from London to Outlook – currently riding solo so I’m beyond stoked.

What is something you are really excited for in the next year?

Too many things – don’t think I’m able to narrow it down to just one. Huge plans for SLVYVLL as well as Buygore Records in 2017 🙂


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