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Pierce Fulton Brings His New Sound to Metropolitan Nightclub

Contributor: Lauren Blouin

Get your shuffle shoes ready. Pierce Fulton will be making his New Orleans debut when he brings his electric sounds to The Metropolitan Nightclub on October 15th!

Fulton is on the heels of the release of his newest EP, Borrowed Lives and marks a change into a new territory of sound. The DJ/producer has often bounced between various genres and instruments all while using those influences in his dynamic dance music. Known for his original dance tracks like “No More” and “Kuaga (Lost Time)”, Fulton exposes his fans to a new side with his new project. The Borrowed Lives EP boasts a pop-indie rock vibe while still holding true to the electronic house sounds we know and love.

In an interview with The Nocturnal Times, Fulton explains his desire to have his older and new material mesh and coexist.   “The real goal is to have my new music and the music I’m known for, exist side by side so I can play these festivals and these club shows and I can also play these live venues that are hard tickets with just my fans. My biggest concern is not confusing people and not making it seem like I’m just abandoning everything I’ve built up. I don’t want to just be “like see you later,” because the electronic stuff is what built me up from the beginning.”

We have no doubt this dance party will be one you won’t want to miss and we look forward to an exciting night with Pierce Fulton at Metro! Grab your tickets here.


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