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Viral Video: You Need to Watch ‘Popeye’ from the Westbank

Earlier this year we stumbled upon one of the coolest Instagram profiles out there. And no we don’t just mean New Orleans, we mean on the entire platform. Let us explain….

The channel is named “Quarter Confessions” and the name sounds like exactly what you think it would be, people giving random drunken confessions while on Bourbon Street.

We all know how Bourbon Street truly is at 3 am, but what if you were to capture those moments in some raw video format? That is exactly what Quarter Confessions is about. The channel has posted tons of viral clips over the past year but none as great as their latest upload: Popeye from the Westbank. 

The video features sixty seconds of a lovable character named Popeye shouting out just about every city on the Westbank. Take a peek at the moment below. 


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whatcha want whatcha need @popeye gotchu

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The clip has recieved over 250,000 views since it was posted earlier this week. Quarter Confessions, on the other hand, continues to grow, as it’s approaching nearly half a million followers on Instagram. It turns out not only do people like getting wasted on Bourbon street, but they also like watching others self destruct while being filmed on Bourbon street. Check out their channel here, and see some of the other hilarious videos this crew has captured. 


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