Milwaukee DJs RCKT PWR Annihilate the Bad Genie [Event Review]

RCKT PWR annihilated their show at Bad Genie, located in downtown Milwaukee.  Held during Halloween weekend, this cozy venue was packed with colorful costumes and zany characters all itching to get down and dirty with the high-spirited duo.  Though Mike and Seth have two different musical backgrounds and tastes, when combined they create an unparalleled show.

The night started early, with Mike kicking off their set with a future house sound, rocking songs from Tchami and Jauz.  Before long he was bringing some shufflers on to the dance floor getting down to his deep beats.  After a few tracks, Seth changed the direction and vibe of the set by moving into trap.

As the night progressed, people began flooding into the venue.  The two were playing everything from The Chainsmokers, GTA, Zed’s Dead – and the crowd was loving it all.  The duo was sprinkling in some original tracks now and again, but it was obvious they were saving all their best music for last.

At midnight, RCKT PWR made way for Nick Magic to play a few tracks before once again taking over the stage.  By the time they got back on the whole dance floor was packed with zombies, pirates, Powerpuff Girls, and even a Ken Bone.  As the night went on, the crowd was beyond amped as they began to transitioned into their own music. A bit after one in the morning the crowd went from crazy to out of control.  A man dressed as Peter Pan scaled the wall and began hanging from the rafters – all with his beer still in hand.  

Whether you were sitting, dancing, or hanging from the rafters – RCKT PWR’s energetic stage presence and lively performance dazzled everyone in attendance.  You can catch their next show with TOMBZ on November 18th at Slim & Chubby’s in Milwaukee, WI.  This up and coming duo is also playing at Reaction on New Year’s Eve in Rosemont, IL with some heavy hitters like Zeds Dead, Gucci Mane, and Tchami. Want to know more about RCKT PWR? Check out our exclusive interview with unreleased tracks.

W ritten By: Brain Boru 

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