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Red Bull Street Kings Brass Band Competition Returns to NOLA This September

Red Bull Street Kings Brass Band Competition Returns to NOLA This Saturday, September 24. Hosted at The Music Box Village. Doors are at 2 pm, and tickets are on sale HERE!

PRESS RELEASE – NEW ORLEANS, LA — The brass band competition that made soundwaves throughout New Orleans in 2010 and 2013 is making its return to the Big Easy on Saturday, September 24. Red Bull Street Kings is a celebration of brass band traditions, merging the rich musical legacy of New Orleans with its progressive hip-hop culture. Music Box Village, a whimsical playground for interactive sounds, will set the stage for the long-awaited return of Red Bull Street Kings as spectators savor the sounds of classic brass paired with present-day lyricism.

Kings of Brass (K.O.B), Sporty’s Brass Band, Big 6 Brass Band, and Young Pinstripe Brass Band will go head-to-head in two rounds, with only two bands advancing to the finals. The event will be hosted by Downtown Lesli Brown. Each band was chosen by a culture panel who are ingrained in the community and curated by Nicole Robinson, a leader in the world of music, entertainment, and event production.

The bands won’t be the only ones creating soundwaves, as the competition judges bring flavor and credibility of their own. Mia X is a hip-hop icon who is weaved into the brass band and Second Line culture. She will be joined by Christie Jourdain of the Original Pinettes, Deputy Director of Arts and Culture Alana Harris, and Band Director Chris Herrero. Bands will be scored on-stage appearance, material, energy, musicality, and innovation. DJ Kelly Green and Host Downtown Lesli Brown will bring the energy between sets, in addition to guest performances throughout the event.

In the first round, each band will Second Line into the venue, performing a traditional brass song. The second round will pay tribute to the rich legacy of New Orleans music, paired with present-day artists in the ultimate collaboration. Each group will infuse the sound of a Southern-based hip-hop artist, including Stone Cold Jizzle, Alfred Banks, $leazy EZ, and Treety. The band left standing after three rounds of competition will be crowned the winner and receive a grand prize.

“This type of collaboration with brass can only be done in New Orleans,” said hip-hop artist Treety. “The culture, the people, and the bands are different here.”

Previous Red Bull Street Kings winners include the Stooges Brass Band in 2010 and the Original Pinettes who were appropriately named the Street Queens in 2013.

“This is not just a novelty,” said Natasha Harris of the Original Pinettes. “This is a career, this is culture, this is family. To let the world see what we do in New Orleans is wonderful.”

Red Bull Street Kings Brass Band Competition Returns to NOLA This Saturday, September 24. Hosted at The Music Box Village (4557 N. Rampart St. in New Orleans). Doors are at 2 pm, and tickets are on sale now!

All proceeds from ticket sales will support the following New Orleans organizations: Dinerral Shavers Foundation, Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp, and Roots of Music


Launched in 2010, Red Bull Street Kings challenges bands to incorporate traditional brass band standards with original tunes of all genres in head-to-head style rounds. Past event judges include Mannie Fresh, Trombone Shorty, and Kermit Ruffins. The 2010 and 2013 iterations of the event took place underneath the Claiborne Avenue “bridge,” an overpass and primary artery in the city’s historic Treme neighborhood. This year, the event will move to Music Box Village, where competing bands will perform with local hip-hop artists for the most dynamic Red Bull Street Kings yet.


K.O.B Kings of Brass

Founded in 2018, Kings of Brass is a high-energy band that lives and breathes the culture of New Orleans, infusing funk, rock, jazz, and hip-hop into a custom-made enhancement of second-line brass band tradition. As authentic as they come, they will forever bring the vibe of the New Orleans second-line with them wherever they are in the world by bringing a little slice of the Crescent City.

Sporty’s Brass Band

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Sporty’s Brass band has quickly earned a reputation as a premiere band to see for heart-pounding energy and uncontrollable dancing. They take their music into uncharted territory, embracing the spirit of New Orleans.

Big 6 Brass Band

An all-star lineup composed of some of the most talented young brass band musicians in New Orleans. Founded in 2017; though the band is relatively young, its pedigree reveals a wealth of experience. Their music maintains ties to the tradition from which they come, they hold themselves as the vanguards of the brass band scene. Their sound, which combines smooth R&B with the rough and ready sound of the streets, is a true representation of the sound of contemporary New Orleans brass band music.

Young Pinstripe Brass Band

Young Pinstripe Brass Band brings the energy from the streets of New Orleans combining Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rock, and Hip-Hop. YPS is led by Herbert McCarver IV, a fourth-generation musician who commands only the most professional and enthusiastic performances from musicians. Their cutting-edge style makes them a force. From classic songs to modern Funk renditions, Young Pin Stripe Brass Band is quintessential of the times.

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