Russ Liquid’s Electric Kool Aid Acid Test Blows Away NYE Parties [Photo + Video Review]

Russ Liquid’s curated event last Thursday kicked off NYE weekend in New Orleans proper. It was a night of incredibly talented and diverse artists, all showcasing their very best.


Authentically true to New Orleans, The Howlin’ Wolf re-created classic New Orleans shotgun style front porches beside the main stage. The venue could not have been better selected for such a soulful and funky night of music.


New Orleans is a world renown city, so it’s a no-brainer that it draws people from around the nation for important holidays and events. NYE is no different; however, it is a busy and crowded weekend chock-full of music and events. It’s a true testament to Russ Liquid’s one of a kind night that he was able to draw such an eccentric and wide-ranging crowd. I met and danced with people from all over the country. From Baltimore to Philadelphia; from Denver to the west coast; the audience wisely decided that their limited time in the Big Easy would be best spent at Russ Liquid’s Electric Koolaid Acid Test.

While all of the openers were great and provided the audiences with reason to smile and dance, one artist stood out from the rest. Cōfresi, the Chicago native, would have stolen the show if Russ Liquid and his ’band of pranksters’ did not absolutely kill it. By the end of his set, the crowd was begging for his name. He had the electricity and energy of an entire live band but concentrated in one man, drum set, and mix board.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkoT_HPPjWU]Looking around the venue during his set, I could see faces in complete awe at what they were witnessing. You could arguably compare his talent and definitely potential to more established and well-known artists such as live-electro hybrid legends, The Floozies, Griz, Big G,  and Russ liquid himself. Keep an eye on this young man, as he is on his way to big things.

By the time the stage was clear for Russ Liquid and his band to join the celebration, the party was at peak energy (not to mention smiles).


With an impressive line-up for the unique Live Jamtronica set including  Alvin Ford Jr., Andrew Block, Jason Hodge, Ken Turner, Jubee, and Emily Nichols; Russ Liquid and crew finished off the night in true form. Russ, as always, blew the crowd away with his live production and horns. The band’s chemistry was top notch, and their love for the art was apparent from the crowd. Alvin Ford Jr.(drummer from pretty lights band) and Andrew Block were notable standouts in the band and were a joy to watch perfect their craft on stage.




Russ Liquid is staking a spot out in the New Orleans music scene as a true local taste-maker. By highlighting local artists and giving them an even bigger platform to perform from, Russ is helping all involved: himself, the artist, and the music lover. At the end of the set, he brought out a local rapper, Ray, he found in the French Quarter to join the band. He kept the energy high until the end of the night.


From an unknown local rapper to rising Chicago solo artist and everyone in between; Russ Liquid is not afraid to share the spotlight. It forces the audience to focus on the music and the energy of the show, which is why we are all here in the first place.


Photo: Taylor Galmiche

Video: Antoine Staib



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