Space Jesus & Yheti Take Fans Down a Psychedelic Wormhole [Photo Review]

After the first night of the two-day, Pretty Lights New Year’s Eve event, concert-goers excitedly made their way through the cold, dreary night to a nearby venue: Republic NOLA. Here they were met with the sound of low-frequency experimental bass, emanating from one of the most qualified individuals to put on such a show, Space Jesus.

If Space Jesus isn’t a household name for you already, it should be. Born in New Jersey, and raised on hip hop beats, the man has found a way to engineer experimental future bass with psychedelic beats to produce some of the most appealing, globular bass imaginable. Utilizing this unique sound, Space Jesus has found an outlet that pairs well with his fans’ desire to see the world from his point of view.

He was joined by two other guests that night, Sunsabetchez and Yheti, both of whom provided a great buildup to his truly unique sound. Sunsabetchez is an eclectic electronic trio hailing from New Orleans, who combine a wide range of sounds and influences into their own personal style of musical flair. They started the night on an excellent note and kept the building throwing down until Yheti took the stage.


Yheti is an experimental bass music enthusiast from Ohio, who is characterized by his long blond braid which never stops moving as he continuously pumps out high-bass beats that keep the crowd moving.

Taking the stage in the early hours of the morning, Space Jesus had just one question for the crowd, “Have you ever journeyed through a black hole?”

Upon asking this, a wormhole began forming in the visuals behind him, sucking the audience in, as his track M Night Shambhala began to rumble from the speakers. From this point on, the show became a whirlwind of low-bass frequencies and heads being thrown around with reckless abandon. He knew exactly how to elicit the perfect responses from his crowd, and gave them the type of set that they had come to experience.



Overall, the crowd was mesmerized by the amount of energy Space Jesus put into the show, as was shown by the constant smiles and non-stop throwing of hair. We all can agree that if there’s one man to put your faith in to have a good night, that man is Space Jesus.

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Written by: Ian Moppert

Photo: Audrey Dawson


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