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After A Dominant Performance In Minnesota, Mark Ingram Declares ‘This Team Is Different Man, You Can Feel It’ [Watch]

6-1 is a fantastic start to any NFL season. 6-1 is an even better start when you get embarrassed in week 1 by your hated rivals: the Tampa Bay Bucs. After a tough start to the year, the New Orleans Saints have run off six straight wins, including two road wins: one in Baltimore, and last week in Minnesota.

And if you’re like Mark Ingram, you are feeling it as well. There is something in the air with this New Orleans Saints team. They catch all the breaks, make most of the plays, and seem to truck along. Ingram described the feeling perfectly in a post-game interview with NOLA.Com when he declared: “This team is different man.”

And we couldn’t agree more! As basic as that explanation is, it sure is the truth; this Saints team feels like 2009 & 2011 Saints. Both of those teams were by far the greatest teams coached by Sean Payton since his start in 2006.

So keep saying, feeling it, and loving it: this Saints team is “different man!”

Watch Alvin Kamara and Ingram’s full interview below.

Mark Ingram on 2018 Saints: ‘This team is different, man.’

Standing next to Alvin Kamara in their weekly postgame locker room press conference, Mark Ingram declared that the 2018 Saints are “different” from teams of previous years.

Featured image via The Times Picayune. 

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