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Sweet Crude Performs Album Release Show Live From Their Front Porch [Watch]

What a time to be alive for musicians. With touring basically at a virtual standpoint, solo artists and bands are having to turn to live streaming and creative ways to reach their audiences. 

One such example comes from the New Orleans six-piece pop collective Sweet Crude. Yesterday Sweet Crude performed an album release party straight from the comforts of their front porch. The performance saw the bandmates dressed in painters outfits and masks as they performed six feet apart from each other. 

The impromptu jam session highlighted Sweet Crude’s sophomore album Officiel//Artificiel. Billboard described the album as “experimental indie Cajun pop brimming with the swamp and spice of the band’s native Louisiana. This highlight of sounds and culture gives a unique light to Sweet Crude’s sound and local heritage. The 12 track LP features a mix of French and English on tracks like “Déballez,” “Sun Sept” and “Porkupine.” Sweet Crude’s debut album, Créatures, was released in 2017.

As you can imagine, releasing an album during any point in life is hard, but releasing one during Coronavirus is even harder. To combat that, Sweet Crude got original, and thank god we have the video to prove it. So without further ado from this writer, join in on Sweet Crude’s 60-minute jam session live from the front their NOLA front porch. 


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