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The Rolling Stones at Jazz Fest 2019? Mick Jagger Drops Major Hint

The Rolling Stones at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is what dreams are made of. And according to a video posted by Mick Jagger, it looks like that dream is coming true! Jazz Fest fans have been buzzing with the theory, and this video seems to 99.5% confirm the rumor.

In the video, you see Mick Jagger playing on his guitar, singing about the lineup for their bands No Filter 2019 tour.

“I think it’s Miami, Florida, Jacksonville and Houston, New Orleans and Glendale…”

Miami, Jacksonville, and Houston are the first three stops on the No Filter 2019 tour, according to their official announcement.

With a newly updated “Locals Thursday” the week before tacked on by Jazz Fest organizers, there are tons of possibilities for surprises and large-scale bands like The Rolling Stones. In addition, there is going to be separate tickets for Jazz Fest on May 2nd; the Brass Pass is also invalid for that Thursday.

The Jazz Fest lineup is expected to be here in December, according to Jazz Fest spokesman Matthew Goldman. Until then, we’ll hang on to the words from Mick Jagger himself.

watch and listen to the video for yourself below:

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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