Vertex Music Festival Will Not Be Returning in 2017

It is with a heavy heart to announce that Vertex Music Festival, held on a large farm in Buena Vista, Colorado, will not be returning for 2017. This past August, Vertex featured unique art, interactive activities, and a diverse musical lineup that pleased people of all ages. The festival managed a crowd of around 8,000 in the city featuring a population of around 2,600. While the festival definitely brought in a generation of revenue for the tiny town, along with it came noise complaints by the locals, despite music ending around 1:30 AM.

The local city council and Madison House Presents have had multiple meetings to try and negotiate with the people of Buena Vista. Unfortunately, despite the latest approval for the fest to return, “Rushing forward could compromise the quality of the festival and is not in the best interest of Buena Vista or Vertex. We look forward to ongoing productive discussions with the community so that we can best plan the dream of what Vertex can become” according to the latest statement released.

From those that have never experienced the joy of being at a music festival, Vertex could have been viewed as a nuisance. Locals complained about the bass rattling their homes, the drug arrests, and their “fear as festival visitors wandered through their streets late at night.” – Denver Post

While Vertex Music Festival will not be returning for the 2017 year, there isn’t anything saying it won’t return the next. The venue alone made the trek completely worth it, and with a little extra planning, Madison House Presents might be able to come up a new plan for 2018.

“Vertex is born as an intersection of inspiration, and as a celebration – of live music, of festival culture, of Colorado’s breathtaking natural beauty, and of the self-expression and pioneering spirit that each of these awaken.”

Check out this video of Odeza at Vertex Music Festival!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNIiFnxuyCM?rel=0] 


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