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Alabama Lineman Delivers Cheap Shot To LSU Player Before Halftime [Watch]

Wow, what a first half for the LSU football team. They currently lead Alabama 33-13 at the HALF. 33 points against Alabama at the HALF. 

Alabama has been beyond sloppy, and LSU has capitalized. They’ve had fumbles, bad snaps, penalties, and now dirty shots. Right before halftime, LSU caused another Alabama turnover by QB Tua Tagovailoa. During the subsequent return, one of Alabama’s lineman took an absolute cheap shot against an LSU linebacker Kerry Vincent Jr. Watch the cheap shot below.

Jokes on Alabama though, LSU took the 15 yards and turned it into another touchdown to take the lead 33-13. Kerry Vincent Jr came off the field on the play, holding his right leg. We will update his return as we get it.


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