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Louisiana Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin, Violated State Law When He Campaigned For Rispone

The Louisiana Governors race is in full swing with Eddie Rispone and John Bell Edwards fighting over the coveted governor’s seat. The election is less than 1 week away, and the race has been nationalized with President Trump entering into the picture to campaign hard for Republican Eddie Rispone. 

Just this week Trump visited Louisiana again to campaign in Monroe and other state Republicans joined him. Notably Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin. Ardoin shared a video of his campaign efforts at Trump’s rally in Monroe this week.

The main issue with this endorsement? Ardoin, who oversees Louisiana elections,  violated a state law that specifically and uniquely applies to his office regarding political campaigning.  

The Bayou Brief, a Louisiana nonprofit media organization, broke the news that Ardoin’s activity is 100% illegal, stating “The law is designed to ensure the public has faith in the integrity of elections, which is undermined when the person tasked with overseeing those elections engages in political activity outside of his own campaign.” 

You can read the full brief on the law below, provided by Bayou Brief. 

“According to La. R.S. 18:18.2, the Secretary of State is prohibited from publicly campaigning or participating in any activity in support of any candidate other than himself. 

§18.2. Certain political activities prohibited; secretary of state

A. The secretary of state may participate or engage in political activity related to his own candidacy for election to public office, including soliciting contributions for his campaign and taking an active part in the management of the affairs of his campaign and his principal campaign committee. He may also exercise his right as a citizen to express his opinion privately and to cast his vote as he desires. The secretary of state shall not participate or engage in any other political activity, including the candidacy of any other person for election to public office; membership on any other national, state, or local committee of a political party or faction; making or soliciting contributions for any political party, faction, or other candidate; or taking active part in the management of the affairs of a political party, faction, other candidate, or any other political campaign.

B. As used in this Section, the term “political activity” shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Article X, Section 9(C) of the Constitution of Louisiana.”

The penalties for breaking this law are not known, but Ardoin is currently in his own run-off with Democratic candidate Gwen Collins-Greenup. Follow Bayou Brief to state up to date on this story. 

H/T: The Bayou Brief 

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