Angel Olsen: Challenging her own limits with finesse

Angel Olsen, an Asheville-based artist who has garnered global attention and praise with her third full-length album release, My Woman.

My Woman is the bombastic reaction to being pigeon-holed as the “sad girl in the bottom of a well.”

Working alongside her co-producer Justin Raisen, Angel Olsen has produced an unapologetic record of rock ‘n’ roll with flecks of pop and balladry. Olsen abandoned the stripped-back production of her previous releases for something more crystallized and confident, all while maintaining the substance and conviction of her lyrics.

The lyrics offer motifs of pain and hope, heavy enough to make you sink, accompanied by synth melodies and incendiary guitar riffs that will get you through.

It is a careful balance Olsen has orchestrated, and definitely one worth watching.

Olsen has always had a fire about her. In a 2011 album, Olsen sings “And if you should touch me know that I’m made // that I’m made of fire.” This burns even clearer throughout My Woman. Whether you’re a steadfast fan or new to Olsen’s game, you’re in for a treat. By the end of the night, her capacities and authenticity could burn holes through us all.

Listen to Olsen’s full-length album here.

Angel Olsen is also currently on tour, with several stops throughout the US.

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Photo: SPIN Magazine

Written By: Taylor Galmiche


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