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Bike Trails Galore! 7 Amazing Spots To Ride Your Bike Around New Orleans

As Fall slowly makes its way into New Orleans, get ready to grab your bike and explore NOLA from a different viewpoint. There are plenty of bike trails around the city where you can comfortably, and safely, do just that. There is something about immersing yourself in the city by bike that you just can’t do in a car!

Check out some of our favorite spots to ride around the city below. What’s your go-to?


Jefferson Davis Parkway

A connector through Bayou St. John and Mid-City that leads into Uptown, ride through the neighborhood and enjoy the views! From Jeff. Davis Parkway is also a connection to the Lafitte Greenway. Depending where you start, you may have to go over a bridge if heading into or coming from the Uptown area, but if you stay in the Bayou/Mid-City area, it is pretty flat and safe with minimal road/car interaction. Grab a drink along the way at Wrong Iron!

City Park
Festival Grounds Trail in City Park

The festival grounds trail in City Park is huge. The area is typically used for our beloved Voodoo Festival (rip), but also boasts such a large space that is perfect for biking along the 18-foot wide path. There is lots of greenery and shade along the way, so you’re partially hidden from the brutal NOLA sun. 

Big Lake Path

Located in City Park, the Big Lake Path comes in just under a mile around the park’s lake. The path can be crowded, especially around peak workout times and on the weekends, so plan accordingly if you don’t like riding through crowds. If you want to rent bikes, grab one from the City Park Boat House on Big Lake; they even have tandem bikes and bikes with canopies! Afterwards, go grab a beignet at Cafe du Monde in City Park.

Lafitte Greenway Trail

The Lafitte Greenway Trail is a recent addition, having been completed in 2015. The 2.6 mile trail connects Mid-City to the end of the Treme neighborhood and is filled with all things New Orleans along the way. The Lafitte Greenway path also has two station locations where you can fix and repair your bike if needed.

Woldenburg Park
Woldenburg Park

Woldenburg Park was create in the 1980’s and rides along the Mississippi River through the French Quarter. The park begins at 1 Canal Street, right by Audubon Aquarium. Enjoy the boats rolling through and the breeze from the river. 

Mississippi River Trail

If you enjoy a longer ride, the Mississippi River Trail is for you, with over 60 miles of trail along the West Bank. Enjoy the river and across the way downtown skyline picture-perfect views.

The Fly

The Fly is always a favorite! Old oak trees surround the beautiful Audubon Park through your ride at The Fly. Keep in mind that this is a pretty popular option, and there can be a lot of people depending on what time you go. Enjoy the steamboats and barges strolling in to the city. 

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