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What to Expect at this Weekend’s Burlesque Festival

The annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival is returning to the city this week! Grab your tickets here.

This weekend at The House of Blues, the most glamorous and eye-popping burlesque dancers in the world will perform in our sultry city. The yearly New Orleans Burlesque Festival is an international festival, known most substantially for crowning one dancer as the “Queen of Burlesque,” and it’s all happening this weekend from September 23 – 25. For those who may have never attended the burlesque festival in NOLA, here’s what you can expect.

Spearheaded by Rick Delaup–the godfather of New Orleans’ modern burlesque scene–this festival is over 20 years in the making. As the producer of Bustout Burlesque, Delaup has been recruiting and organizing the city’s best burlesque shows since 2005. One can imagine then, how amazing the weekend’s lineup will be.

What to Expect at the Burlesque Festival in NOLA

Each night, the festival will have a different theme and showcase. Friday night is Mondo Burlesque. This international showcase will spotlight the spectacle, variety, and beauty of worldwide burlesque. With a wide range of performance styles from classic striptease to neo-burlesque, Friday night will be a hedonic trip around the after-hours entertainment world.

Saturday is the main event – the Queen of Burlesque competition. This competitive event brings classic striptease dancers together to compete for the title. Traditional jazz music accompanies each solo performance and a panel of celebrity judges selects the winner.

Candidly titled, “It’s Burlesque!”, the Sunday night showcase is a campy raunch through the intersection of burlesque and comedy. Throughout the weekend, comic emcees, singers, and variety acts will add to the performances, making it the most entertaining, classy, and risqué showcase you’ll ever see.

There’s also the option to watch the festivities from home. An exclusive live stream will be available on Veeps with ticket purchases.

new orleans burlesque festival

Times vary  | House of Blues | Fri. September 23 – 25, 2022

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