Dr Ali Sadeghi Holds Inaugural ‘Let’s Hear It For The Girls’ Gala

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery held its inaugural “Let’s Hear It for the Girls” gala on Friday, Oct. 25 at La Maison Du Lac on Lakeshore Dr in New Orleans. The event was a massive success as attendees, dressed in their best ‘80s attire, raised more than $30,000 for breast cancer awareness and research.

Among the auction items at the gala were a 4-night stay in the Bahamas with a private plane and a Mommy makeover, one of Dr. Sadeghi’s most popular procedures, which targets areas of the body affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding. Guests enjoyed delicious food, drinks, and a photo booth. The DJ played upbeat ‘80s songs, keeping people dancing and having a great time. 

All proceeds went to Dr. Sadeghi’s “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign, which raises money and awareness to help save more lives from breast cancer. In true fashion, Dr. Sadeghi (aka Doctor Nola), brought the New Orleans community together to raise awareness of this condition that affects so many women. It was incredible to see the community rally behind this cause, and donations and raffle items flooded in from all over the city from generous donors wanting to be a part of the event. Because this year’s event was so successful, Dr. Sadeghi already has plans to make next year’s event even bigger.  

“Breast cancer affects everyone, whether you’re a man or woman,” Dr. Sadeghi says. “For years, we have tried our best to change the lives of breast cancer patients and survivors by helping them to live a normal life. The Real Men Wear Pink campaign is a step toward our fight to prevent and cure breast cancer.” 

Real Men Wear Pink is associated with the American Cancer Society (ACS), a nationwide voluntary health organization founded in 1913 that is committed to eliminating cancer.

The ACS is helping people take steps to reduce their risk of breast cancer or find it early when it is easier to treat. The ACS provides free information about breast exam services, funds groundbreaking breast cancer research, and works to increase access to mammograms for women who need them.

The ACS invested $145 million in cancer research in 2017. The organization also invested $304 million inpatient support, $129 million in prevention education, and $80 million in treatment and detection. Dr. Sadeghi encourages everyone to join him in his mission by donating to the Real Men Wear Pink campaign.

Dr. Ali Sadeghi’s work at the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery has helped breast cancer survivors get back the body they had before cancer. The center specializes in both reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgeries with the help of advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technologies in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, skincare, body contouring, injectables, and laser treatments. 

About Dr. Sadeghi and The Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery

 A double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadeghi has performed thousands of surgeries, positively impacting the lives of those who have suffered from breast cancer, body image issues, and much more. Within the medical community, Dr. Sadeghi is viewed as more than just a qualified and experienced surgeon, but also a pioneering researcher who cares about the advancement of his medical field. 

Dr. Sadeghi encourages anyone who is considering a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure to contact the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation with him. Find out why so many people in the New Orleans area and beyond have trusted Dr. Sadeghi with their procedures. Dr. Sadeghi is ready to show you why we are the preferred choice of so many, so reach out to us today to schedule your consultation with our knowledgeable and compassionate team.


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