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Garyville, Louisiana’s Christmas Eve Bonfire Features A Giant 78-Foot Gator

Most people on Christmas eve have family over to celebrate the holiday season. And if your family can’t make it, you sometimes head to a friend’s house, or just relax at home with a good Christmas movie.

But for the people of Garyville, Louisiana, Christmas Eve is your time to shine. This year’s Christmas Eve bonfires in Garyville feature a giant, 78-foot gator.

The group that created the wooden gator is named Blood, Sweat, and Bonfires. This year they have decided to give their lovable gator a name, the glorious project is titled “Gator Millet.” The gator will even feature a head that moves and a jaw that snaps.


The bonfire will be set on Christmas Eve near the corner of LA 44 and South Church Street in Garyville, Louisiana. Garyville is about an hour outside of the greater New Orleans area. The event is free and open to the public. The bonfire will be set at 7 p.m. and will burn well past midnight. 

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