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See The First Trailer From Jamie Foxx & Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s ‘Project Power,’ Filmed & Set In NOLA

The first trailer from Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt “Project Power” are here. “Project Power” details Foxx and Gordon-Levitt as detectives based in New Orleans. The pair are looking for the source of pill that gives anyone who uses it temporary superpowers. But the catch is you don’t know the superpower you have until you take it.

Levitt and Foxx both were in New Orleans for an extended time during the fall of 2018 to shoot the Netflix movie. While here Levitt took in New Orleans in style and was seen around the town on several different occasions. Videos of Levitt rocking Saints gear also sent New Orleans into a frenzy, as the actor repeatedly told local papers and national publications how much he had fallen in love with New Orleans. 


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I have bad luck shooting on bikes 🤕

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During filming, the cast invited local legend Steve Gleason on set and Gordon-Levitt was so excited to finally meet Gleason and his family.

“I’ve been wearing Steve Gleason’s @saints jersey around town while filming here in Nola. Gotten so many compliments on it. It’s so clear he means a lot to this community. Such an honor to have him visit us on set.” 

Project Power is set to debut on Netflix on August 14, 2020. The first trailer debuted today and you can watch it below. Entertainment Weekly has a handful of images that offer our first look at the film, as well as a couple of teaser posters. Check them out here! 


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