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JAMNOLA Celebrates One Year with Installations, Concerts and Donations

In celebration of serving New Orleans with one year of JOY, ART & MUSIC during an unprecedented time, JAMNOLA is making some exciting announcements. New art installments and the relaunch of its JAMNOLA at Night monthly concert series are among the most notable celebrations for the unique gallery.

In creative partnership with Where Y’Art, JAMNOLA was founded by Jonny Liss and Chad Smith. JAMNOLA is New Orleans’ first experimental pop-up that takes audiences of all ages on a topsy-turvy stroll through some of the cultures that make our city so special. The immersive 12 room exhibit is 5,400 square feet of pure NOLA joy, celebrating the iconic art, music, food, and theatrics of the city, through the eyes of 20+ local artists.

Blinged-out umbrellas, giant crawfish, feather chandeliers, a sequined alligator, a virtual costume closet –  JAMNOLA is best described as a visual love letter to New Orleans.

Since opening in August 2020, over 60,000 visitors from across the country have toured JAMNOLA to learn about New Orleans’ unique art, history, and culture. Their specialty is showcasing art created by the city’s local culture bearers. Not only that, but they’ve also raised over $20,000 for local nonprofits, including Feed the Second Line, New Orleans Musicians Clinic, Roots of Music, and House of Tulip.

“Our mission when opening JAMNOLA was to spread as much joy as possible by creating a space that celebrates everything New Orleans is known for while also giving back to the incredible arts community that fuels it,”

  • Jonny Liss, co-founder of JAMNOLA

jamnola mardi gras

They’ve also added to their current exhibits with two interactive sound installments “Sound Cymbals” by Marcus Brown and “Soundwave Sonic Bloom” by Oak Street Art Collective. Many of the exhibits feature photo and video opportunities that encourage guests to share their experiences with friends on social media.

As live music makes its long-awaited return to New Orleans, the space also announced the relaunch of its ongoing monthly concert series JAMNOLA at Night. The series will feature a lineup of local musicians and talent slated through the fall starting at the end of October.

In adherence to the city of New Orleans vaccination policy, JAMNOLA will require proof of vaccinations or a negative Covid-19 test for all guests.

General admission tickets are $29 for adults and $20 for children. Kids ages 2 & under are free. Tickets can be purchased online at

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featured image via JAMNOLA

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